I have been to San Francisco many times and I am always amazed at the sheer beauty of the place. What a fantastic spot to build a city. There are so many things to see and do, not just in the city itself, but also outlying areas like Marin County, Mendocino and the East Bay. Public transport is available, but it is patchy at best and getting a cheap rental car is really the way to go. It will allow you to set your own schedule and get you to paces you normally wouldn’t see.


Everyone should take a drive down Lombard Street, probably one of the most beautiful and curvy streets in the world. From there drive down to the Marina and Ghirardelli square. There are lots to do in the area. Park in the Marina and walk. It’s a bit of a hike but you’ll save heaps on parking.


After a nice lunch, drive up to Pacific Heights. You will see some of the most amazing houses anywhere. A word of advice if you are not used to driving with a clutch. This place is seriously hilly, and if you get three cars behind at a stop light it takes some skill to shift into gear and not roll back. Maybe hire an automatic.


Next stop, and highly recommended is The Presidio. A military fortress since 1776, this magnificent place was turned into parkland in 1994. It is absolutely stunning and a great place to watch the sun go down. Perhaps drive over to the Mission District after for dinner and try some Spanish, Dominican or Cuban food.


Depending how long your stay is, you could chose to drive to the wine country up north in either Mendocino or Napa counties. Be careful at wine tastings if you are the drive. The countryside is vastly different that of Marin County, which is just over the Golden Gate Bridge. Speaking of which. A drive across the bridge is a must. There is a toll, but only in one direction, and it is well worth the views. Just over the bridge if you take the very first exit (careful, it is easy to miss) you’ll find the Marin headlands. It is a deserted military installation from World War II. There are still bunkers everywhere and plenty of trails for hiking.


After the headlines, I suggest you go into one of the prettiest towns on earth, Sausalito. There are little restaurants along the water, cool shops and galleries and watching the fog roll in over the hills is a sight you won’t forget. Driving around town is really only the way to go and a cheap rental car will make your budget stretch further.


Cheap Car Rental While Traveling in Florida

Once we arranged our journey to Tampa, Florida, we had decided to only go to Six Flags. But, when we got to this gorgeous state, we decided we needed a cheap car rental for travel between Tampa area and Clearwater Beach.

Cheap Car RentalWe made a few blunders along the way as we scheduled our trip. We believed we might save some cash by booking a hotel that was not near to the theme park since we had been told that there would be a transport to and from Six Flags. This turned out not to be so true and we were stranded pretty far from the fun at Six Flags. After these unforeseen events that we didn’t budget for… It seemed pretty obvious that we could use a cheap car rental in Tampa FL.

Cheap Car Rental While Traveling in Florida

I figured we’d get stuck with kind of a “lemon”… but I was completely mistaken. Our cheap car rental in Tampa FL wasn’t a luxury car by any means, however we didn’t need luxury. We wanted a dependable method of transport, and with XoomRentalCars.com we got just that! The cheapest rental car we could find worked out great jumping from Tampa and Clearwater Beach. It was a brand new car with an awesome sound system! We had a magnificent time at Six Flags and Clearwater Beach, and the cash we allocated on the car rental didn’t put a hindrance on having a fun trip.

This is the finest partner for locating a cheap rental cars in Clearwater Airport.

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We deliver promotional fees and cheap rental car endpoints all over the world, including Clearwater Florida. With XoomRentalCars.com Clearwater Airport, you can be assured that the amount you are estimated is the greatest rate possible.


Provide yourself a perfect vacation with the autonomy of rental car at Clearwater Airport. Your family or business trip warrants a hassle-free vacation and you will be pleasingly amazed at the ease of a Clearwater Airport car rentals. Don’t waste time, please consider securing your cheap rental car and hotel today, with XoomRentalCars.com.

Your end result will be a hassle free holiday and a fulfilling experience of Florida. When visiting Clearwater Airport, there is only one place to find high quality rental cars at the cheapest rental car deals available. Let XoomRentalCars help you discover all the great locations that Clearwater, Tampa and St. Petersburg Florida has to offer.


Looking For Cheap Rental Cars In Orlando, FL

Our household is planning a trip to Tampa and Orlando in October. We previously bookedcheap rental cars the airfare by using air miles we earned over the years. We have already booked our hotel with a package deal and tickets to Disney World and Universal Studios. The only thing left is transportation via a cheap rental cars from Orlando Airport. We considered using a shuttle, but we have no interest in getting stranded somewhere. We are looking into finding a cheap rental cars in Orlando, FL. This will give us ability to come and go as we please. I am going to play golf so having a car is huge going back and forth to the golf course.

Looking For Cheap Rental Cars In Orlando, FL


Looking For Cheap Rental Cars In Orlando, FL

We likewise want to have luxury to choose the restaurants we want… instead of one that is close to our hotel. It ought to be quite stress-free to find cheap rental cars in Orlando, FL since they have so many tourists there that the volume will be sufficient to keep the rates down.

We are hoping to secure a van for comfort… but an four door car should be fine. We just need it to fit my wife and I and our twins. Because we are staying in the Tampa and Orlando area’s for a week… we are expecting that Orlando has plenty of cheap rental cars in supply!





Orlando Hotels


Orlando Hotels

Orlando Hotels

If you are looking for a vacation Orlando is a great destination for families, couples and individuals. There is a huge selection of Orlando Hotels and several in neighboring cities. While you’re looking for some of the many deals on hotel, you’ll notice that there are a lot of deals on flights to Orlando too! But while you’re in Orlando you need to be in full control of your Orlando vacation with your discounted rental car.



Orlando has a variety of different hotels available for your vacation needs. If you are the savvy type, looking for the cheap Orlando Hotels you won’t be disappointed with many of the inexpensive Orlando vacation package which are obtainable.

Orlando Hotels

Top accommodations are available in many locations around City Center. In Orlando you can experience the luxurious side of the city, or you can take your family to the practical side. The best thing about Orlando Hotels is whether you looking for luxury hotels or just a nice hotel… often times you will notice that these hotels are frequently positioned near several of the countless things to do in Orlando.

Discounts Hotels Near Seaworld

If you’re traveling with the entire family, discover hotels near Universal Studios or stay in one of numerous Disney hotels might be your finest choice. If your family is interested in checking out the animals in the sea, please consider the many hotels near SeaWorld.

Orlando Hotels

If you’re looking to save as much money as possible, or relish luxurious ambiances or even need to find a pet-friendly hotel, Orlando Hotels offer everything to accommodate these travel needs.  We can provide you with a range of options for hotels in Orlando FL during your next business trip or vacation

During your planning phase of your next business trip or vacation… We can help you with Hotels Accommodations, Best Airfares and Discount Car Rental. Enjoy your trip to Orlando… Why wouldn’t you!



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